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Generally sealed copies tend to sell for around twice as much as an unsealed copy. I would say that the game could maybe sell for around $60-80. You might have to be patient though as you have to find someone who is interested in the game to get maximum value. PermalinkNormally I wouldn’t have thought the game would be worth very much as Monopoly clones are usually not worth a lot of money.

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I was surprised to find out that the game is worth more than I was expecting. I am guessing this is mostly because the game was made by Waffle House. While the game is not for sale on Amazon, I did find two copies on eBay that recently sold for $40. These copies were used as well so your copy should be worth more.

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It probably depends on how many people are interested in Chilean history. I would think that there would eventually be someone that would be interested in the game but it might take quite a while to find a person that would pay a fair price for the game. If your game is different than the game I linked to you will probably have to give me some additional information since that is the only Wells Fargo board game that I was able to find.

These value estimates are just guesses though as it is ultimately going to come down if there are people that really want the game. I think the determining factor for the game’s value will be if there is demand for the game. This is going to be hard to judge especially since I am not a huge war game fan myself. I know war gamers sometimes like games featuring lesser known battles/wars but I am not sure if there will be a market for this game.

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PermalinkUnfortunately I don’t think your copy would be worth more than any other 1970 Monopoly game. The Monopoly games that are worth more are usually ones where the words are misspelled, the game has the wrong colors or other similar more noticeable errors. was a game made in 1970 by Dynamic Games/Dynamic Design Industries. It is a game made by a designer that clearly was not a fan of Nixon as the game revolves around one player playing as Nixon and the other players trying to beat him.

On the positive side the game actually appears to be pretty rare. I make this assumption because there isn’t a lot of information about the game online and there are a couple users on Board Game Geek, who are more familiar with the game, discussing its rarity. In addition to the game probably being rare, it is one of those niche games that tend to be valuable. Games based on real events that also include some interesting mechanics generally sell for more than games that are like many other games. I am guessing you are talking about this version of The Great Train Robbery? If so it is a 1975 board game which recreates the “Great Train Robbery” of 1963 which occurred in England.

I personally don’t own the game so the only information I have on it is whatever I can find online. I did some scary roblox games quick research on the value and I couldn’t find the game for sale on Amazon. I would say around $50 would have been around what I would have tried to sell it for. I would guess you could sell it for that much if you wanted to sell it on eBay. With it being more of an unknown game though I would caution you that it might take a while to sell the game for that price. There is a good chance that you may have to list it a couple times before it actually sells.

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It sounds a lot like a Monopoly style game with a few tweaks. For more information about the game check out its Board Game Geek page. If I was listing the game I would probably list the game for at least $50 (on eBay as you likely wouldn’t be able to list it on Amazon as it doesn’t already have a page) as I think that would be the floor for the game . If you are in no rush to sell the game I would probably start higher maybe around $100. As I said before though the key to getting a good value for the game is to be patient as I wouldn’t expect the game to sell really quickly.