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For SMB, home, or educational use – cannot recommend anything easier or better. You can use Lepide File Server Auditor to track the file-read events on your Windows File Servers much easily. The complete audit information about a file access is shown in a single line record. In “Auditing Entry for ” window, at first, select users whose actions you want to audit. Click “Select a Principal”, to open “Select User, Computer, Service Account, or Group” dialog box. It also supports long paths, does the file listing in multiple threads and has just the right amount of configuration options needed to achieve everything without bloating the UI with too many options.

It is fast, stable, and has the right features without being bloated. I’ve been using this tool for a while now and it’s simply awesome. spotify music downloader Best way to keep a Dropbox style of sync with my external drives. Excellent, efficient tool for manual backup and folder mirroring. Great application for all your file/folder comparison and synchronisation needs. Allows you to add multiple, specific source and target folders and use filters to exclude and include specific files and/or sub-paths. I’ve bounced back and forth between many tools over the years, and this one is so much simpler in so many ways.

FreeFileSync not only uses a lot less memory for large numbers of files but also provides a native 64bit build, eliminating any possible memory problems with large numbers of files . I love the fine-grained control and also the option to preserve deletions. I use it on a couple of identical external HDDs for off-site backups. No problem, just copy the XML config file and change the drive letter. This is the best file synchronization program that I’ve found.

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Servers can be maintained easily to reduce server outages. It looks like Apple have removed the update from their servers. Stability and reliability have been exceptional with 99.99+% uptime, usually only downtime is for updates. All services and cross-platform capabilities run efficiently even on older hardware.

I know how much time and energy it takes to code and maintain something like this. Very intuitive, and because of its flexibility it’s possible to have portable backups since it can backup to a relative file path. Then you won’t need to change destination path when you move the backup folder. For the longest time I was looking for a simple straightforward synchronization program to make weekly backups. Thank you guys for making this sublime program available for free. It really became a tool I use extremely often, it’s one of my must have’s like 7zip.

Deleting files without reason, failing to replicate in both directions, erroring out, just becoming an overall headache. Easy to use, transparent, and does a great job syncing files. It’s my favorite solution to sync my devices and make backups. I just have created this account to say thanks to the author. Has all the file synchronization features I need and then some. This is really a wonderful product developed with a specific purpose and does that job brilliantly.

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It beats "Unison" hands down for user friendliness and speed to install and get on systems. It beats the tool "Beyond Compare" hands down because it’s open source and freely available, but I have to say, I’d love the "Beyond Compare" capabilities, but I cannot justify its cost. I created an account just to post my praise to the author. DFS Replication with Windows Server was proving to be a nightmare.

Now it takes me 30 sec instead of 45 min to update my 8000 files / 4 GB on LAN. I switched from SyncBack to FreeFileSync because it handles a few important things better, e.g. copying locked files, more powerful filters. I have been using it between 2 computers for 3 weeks and no issues. I was using SyncToy for a few years with few problems, but recently SyncToy began to delete the newer files, some of which I spent hours writing. Thankfully I found FreeFileSync and it is working perfectly.