Invisalign: Aligners for Teeth That Aren’t Visible

Invisalign is the new way to straighten teeth without braces. With Invisalign, you can eat while your teeth are being corrected behind closed doors. It is an alternative to traditional metal or plastic braces that require hours of work each day not to be noticeable when at social gatherings or out with friends at dinner time.

Who Can Get Invisible Teeth Aligners?

Invisible brackets, or Invisalign, may be an option if you have mild-to-moderate crowding of the teeth without significant overbite that cannot be corrected with orthodontic headgear alone. The only requirement is a set of x-rays taken at your nearest dentist’s office before starting treatment to determine whether it would work best on your case.

What is The Procedure for Getting Invisalign?

Most people nowadays have crooked or misaligned teeth because their jaws didn’t grow straight enough as children. It can cause by genetics often but can also happen because of accidents like hitting one’s face against something hard while playing sports (think broken nose!)

Invisible teeth aligners are great for treating orthodontic problems using precise plastic devices. The process begins by getting impressions taken that will create custom-made units for your mouth. These go in on either side and when you wear them over the top with some white stripes, so they’re not visible during treatment time.

How Long Does It Take to Change Your Crooked Smile into A Radiant One?

You do not have to wait for years to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners. A person in need of a quick fix can receive the treatment within ten weeks. Those who are less far off from perfection may only be required to move their smile into alignment over 24 months, but even then, it would still take much less time than braces typically require. The average patient achieves full correction or close-to-perfection after 12–24 months.

How many Does It Cost to Have a Perfect Smile with Invisible Aligners?

The price of Invisible Aligner varies significantly from place to place and person-to-person. They are more expensive than most braces but cheaper than oral surgery or orthodontics. However, invisible aligner prices for adults and children can range from $150 to more than a few thousand dollars, varying on the type of invisible aligners you purchase. But on average, Invisalign costs between 2-4 thousand dollars depending on where you live and what type of dental care plan is available.

Bottom Line

One of the most common orthodontic treatments around invisible aligners is a perfect option for people who don’t want their teeth to be seen. These plastic trays cover your teeth and gradually move them into proper positions. One downside is that this treatment takes about 24 months in total before you see results. So, if it’s the quick fixes you’re looking for, then something else would be better suited to help with what you need!