How To Fix A Broken Denture Tooth?

Dentures are a great way to supplement missing teeth and improve your appearance. It can be used for many cosmetic reasons. And also make it easier to eat certain foods like apples or other crunchy fruits. It also helps you speak because it is attached directly to where most people’s lips naturally sit, making lipreading much clearer.

However, it is essential that you find an experienced dentist who will take time in ensuring all impressions are handled correctly. That’s because when the denture set arrives home from being made, there won’t be any adjustments needed before fitting them into place with adhesive materials around mouth corners and edges. But, at some point, you may face an issue of a broken denture tooth.

Reasons for Broken Denture Tooth

Several factors can cause a broken denture tooth. One reason is that the wearer chews too hard while wearing their false teeth, which causes it to snap in two pieces and break off at the gum line.

Another cause could bite into something challenging, like meat or an apple with no chewing beforehand. It will also lead to fracture because there’s not enough give from other food items on top of these objects when they’re bitten down quickly without breaking them up first.

Sometimes people may need more dental work done, such as partials for missing teeth. If you are struggling with your current set but want another one, talk to your dentist about getting some help.

Techniques For Fixing Broken Denture Tooth

For fixing a broken denture tooth, you can consider below mentioned three different techniques:

  • The first technique is the simplest of them all and involves fixing with adhesive glue or dental cement. It should only take 10-20 minutes at most from start to finish, so if you’re in a hurry, this may suit your needs perfectly!
  • If gluing doesn’t work for whatever reason, then try using composite resin putty instead. It will gradually harden over time into an acrylic material that matches what’s already on the rest of your teeth.
  • Finally, many people choose to use orthodontic wire as their final repair option because it provides both strength and flexibility without needing additional adhesives/materials, as resins do.

Go For Custom Dentures

Custom dentures replace missing teeth or just a few for those who need them. In addition, customisation is available with the colour and materials to make it more appealing than regular store-bought models that come only in white, off-white, or beige colours. Thus, customise your smile today.

Final Words

Dentists warn it is vital to seek help as soon as the tooth becomes loose. A broken denture has a greater chance of becoming worse and causing additional damage. There are many ways you may fix this problem yourself at home (such as using glue). But if not dealt with quickly enough, there could be serious health risks involved, such as infections and further dental issues – so please don’t wait too long.