Tips for Reversing Cavities Naturally and Healing Tooth Decay

Do you have a tooth that has been bothering you for years? Has your dentist said cavities cause the problem, but all those dental products seem to make it worse?

Suppose this sounds like your experience with getting rid of tooth decay naturally, then don’t worry! There are many techniques for reversing cavities or heal any existing teeth. Read this article to explore!

Causes of Tooth Decay

Cavities, which is also well-known as tooth decay or dental caries, can be caused by several factors. Sugar is one such factor that leads to the breakdown of enamel on teeth and subsequent cavity formation.

Other causes include food particles left between your teeth after eating, dry mouth from lack of saliva glands because of medications like antidepressants or diabetes treatments.

It prevents cells’ self-repairing, bacteria present in plaque build-up around our gums because we brush inconsistently with incorrect technique, among many others.

What Are Some Natural Ways You Can Reverse Cavities?

It is difficult to reverse tooth decay naturally, but it’s possible with a little patience and hard work. Our mouths are full of bacteria that will break down the sugar you eat all day into acid – this breaks down your teeth as well!

  1. With apple cider vinegar, rinse once or twice per week before bedtime. With this, the pH balance in our mouth changes from acidic back to neutral, making cavities easier for us bodies can fight off more effectively.
  2. Brush your teeth daily two times with fluoride toothpaste and flossing when possible. Some people also use mouthwash following these practices for added protection against bacteria build-up on their teeth.
  3. Another good idea is using xylitol gum to discourage cavity-causing bacteria from growing in your mouth.
  4. The age-old practice of oil pulling is a fantastic way to detoxify and heal your mouth. Swish with an ounce or two (depending on size) of oil for 20 minutes. Do three times per day in the morning before you brush your teeth, at lunchtime after eating, but drink nothing and again right before bedtime.

Most people often forget about oral care when life gets busy, which leaves us susceptible to receding gums and significant dental issues later, like gum disease. As a result, it leads dentists to recommend costly treatments such as implants, bridges, or root canals because they know how devastating these diseases could be if left untreated.


Suppose you are looking for ways to reverse cavities naturally and prevent tooth decay. In that case, this blog is for you, covering some top suggestions. Along with that, it is vital to avoid sugars and preservatives in processed foods. Because it can cause tooth decay through bacteria that consume the sugar on teeth as it spreads between them, causing acid erosion of enamel because of prolonged exposure. The tips mentioned above are not only beneficial for your body, but also your overall body.