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The index is calculated using the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors, as well as queries in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! According to last year’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey, it is still among the 5 most popular programming languages. It could certainly be used to develop professionally, but there are other tools, such as Visual Studio or Eclipse which would probably offer more options for development. BlueJ is great for teaching your more entry level or beginner engineers.

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Other than that, the interface could look nicer and slicker with ideally more rounded features. Could definitely add in an in-program editor without having a new pop-up window for each class that’s opened. Definitely useful for any future small developments but I think it might be limited to just that. Its interface is smaller and simpler compared to professional-level IDE software that tends to overwhelm beginners.

It was the recommended IDE, so I downloaded it, naively believing that the instructors would recommend a decent one. The only benefit to this product is that is does actually compile Java, but writing code using it could not be more painful.

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  • The platform offers reports on duplicate code blocks, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage, code complexity, comments, bugs, etc.
  • future development estimations also become less accurate if it’s impossible to predict how long it takes to add new features without breaking existing ones.
  • We find this to be a very useful add-on, as duplicate code can be quite hard to find, especially in a large project.
  • PMD also contains CPD (or the Copy/Paste Detector), which is used to detect duplicate code in.
  • For anyone who is interested in reading more about the effects of low-quality code, we’ve dedicated a whole article to this topic not long ago.

It’s also a great way to introduce anyone into coding if you have a training program at your company. BlueJ simplifies onboarding and training for Java software developers. I’m using this for completing Java programming courses on Coursera.

Static code analysis tools examine the source code without executing it. Dynamic analysis is conducted while the code, or a part/unit of it is being run. Also, according to the TIOBE index, Java is still the number one programming language today, just barely surpassing C.

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SonarQube currently supports a total of 27 programming languages including Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, C/C++, Ruby, Kotlin, Go and Python for example. Apart from Java, it can also be used for C, C++, PHP, Python, JavaScript as well as other programming languages. Also, if they are working in a team, developers otherwise have no way of knowing where other team members inserted duplicate code segments. This can make Adobe Photoshop CC for Windows 10 future development and maintenance tasks much more complicated.